Welcome to Wiki.MyFishingBox.com

Welcome to wiki.myfishingbox.com, the only fishing encyclopaedia that anyone can edit!

You can create a page about anything fishing related! Such as locations, the newest gear, the best boats, different rod types……its up to you !


If you have a killer spot, or if you fish a local venue you can create a page for that spot/venue. Users can then add to / edit the page, users can give regular updates, add recent photos, share recent news, you name it!

For example,

My local fishing spot is called "XYZ" or it’s gps way point is "N1234.567 W12345.678"

I can then add a page for that location. If it were a lake or river then I would write the lake/river name, it’s country it’s in. If it were a GPS waypoint I would write the country's and then the waypoint.

It would look something like "XYZ lakes - England" or "UAE - N1234.567 W12345.678"

I then would write a small description, maybe information like depth, know fish spices, rules etc. If its a waypoint, give it a nick name ( don't put the nickname for the title as other users will find it hard to find).


++ Interactive map with all locations that have been added is at http://www.myfishingbox.com ( under construction )

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