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Creedy Lakes
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Creedy Lakes, two prolific spring fed estate lakes set amid mature, established woodland providing a superb setting for those wanting peace, scenery, good company and good fish. Personally managed and owned by the Turner family, they are open March through to end of December 05.30-23.00hrs daily. Note closed January and February every year.

Turn off the by road up slope into the ample, level car park, 20 metres from water’s edge.

Car park ‘Retreat’ building provides self-service tickets (day and evening). information/photographs/rules. At rear of building are two toilets with cold water and shaver point.

MAIN LAKE (4.5acres) Predominantly stocked with larger, common carp it provides a challenging, mature venue for the more experienced angler. BK guide—moderately difficult venue

The lake common record stands at 31lbs 3oz 2003 amidst an excellent stock of 20 pounders, mid-upper double figure carp with a sprinkling of 30pounders. There are some plump tench to over 7lbs 8oz and also golden tench, There are also a few eels to 8lbs. The water is triangular in shape with water depths ranging from 3feet—11/12feet at the weir/outflow beside the old boathouse. Two corner islands plus a larger central island with overhanging willow and shrubs. First swim of right hand bank is priority wheelchair users. Fine gravel level path access all around the main lake with established shrub/tree screening between swims.

TOP LAKE (2 acres). An excellent venue for the less experienced angler, well stocked with smaller fish yet with the real possibility of a big 20 pounder catch.. Predominantly common plus a few mirror carp, a large portion of the stock are single and low double figure specimens. There are some upper doubles and a sprinkling of 20pounders along with ghost carp to 5lbs +, green tench to over 5lbs and some golden tench. This water is oval in shape with a central island, a gravel bar in the deeper section and lily pad area towards the shallower water depths.


Best Methods
By: - Clive Franklin
(Carp Society's Pro-Am Champion 2003)

(Main Lake)
The best way to get the fish at Creedy Lakes really ticking is to put the bait in…

In the summer months find a good patch of clean bottom at about 25 to 30 yards out from most of the banks with your marker float and then add about 2kg of Trout pellet, we find the 6mm and 8mm mixed works best. Try and keep this as a round tight bed over the marker float, (say 2 meters Dia). Then add to this about 1kg of the local made boilies, (Made By Dave Billet). Cast one rod on to the baited area and the second rod 2 to 3 yards off the area. Try PVA Bags with chopped boilies and pellet or stringers. Then sit back and wait. Keep topping up the area after ever couple to takes. It is not uncommon to get 20 runs in a day at Creedy Lakes if you get it right.

If you are fishing with three rods, put one under your feet in the margins, and keep the noise down and some times you can see the fish up-ending on your bait and then …..

Take lots of bait with you if you want to catch fish …..

The fish are caught throughout the day in the summer, with early morning and evenings being the best options.

However come the winter the PVA stringers with the local boillies and a small area of bait works well.

The rigs which have done well are short stiff rigs (6" total lenght) with small hooks (size 6) in a PVA bag. In the winter months the best fish are to be caught in the evenings right up to the close at 11pm.

Best Methods
By: - Clive Franklin
(Carp Society's Pro-Am Champion 2003)

(Top Lake)
The top lake offers easier fishing, with the good old faithfully's working the best. Popular methods include fishing the traditional baits, maggot, luncheon meat, and bread. Either by float or ledger.

Also as the main lake put in the bait if you wait to get the run's …

Like the main lake these fish love the local boillies and lost of them, fished in close to the margin and off the weed beds is where you will find the fish in the summer mouths.

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